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Software Development

Reliable Remote Developer Teams that allow your
organisation to fill in the gaps in your Software Development Projects.

Fast Response
Optimal Cost

Strengthen your current software development process with our reliable remote team, full of talented people working in the same timezone,  similar culture, and optimal cost. 

How to Access Our Top Talent?

Choose the type of engagement depending on your particular need

Staff Augmentation

Get your own Development Remote Staff, backed up by our local specialists in digital strategy and software development, to guarantee you will have access to top talent and performance at its peak.

This is a cost-effective solution to get the talent when you need it, to produce and hit the milestones required by your business. 

This is ideal if you already have IT staff in your organization, but you need to rapidly increase its capacity.

Software Development

Get a detailed clear Roadmap on how to turn your project into reality. Everything aimed to comply with the desired outcome and business needs. We engage as an active consultant guiding you from conception to implementation.

We follow the approach of creating MVPs to optimize your investment and achieve quick wins.

 This is the ideal engagement if you have a clear idea and you need the expertise from a  development team to do the job. 

 How to Start?

Just 3 simple steps to get started.



Clearly identify your specific need through a discovery call.

What you get: a Quote for your team or project.


Implementation Plan

Depending on what's best for you, we will create a detailed plan to assign your remote team to start working either as Staff Augmentation or on a Project Basis.

What you get: A detailed plan to get you started ASAP.


Execution and Monitoring

Get the engagement going. We provide full access to the team and all the work that is being done. You will have your personal account manager that will help you handle the day-to-day with your remote team.

What you get: A team and a clear process that will make you feel that the developers assigned to you are part of your organization.

What our clients say about us


Why Technogi

Optimal Cost

Mexico offers a great quality vs cost of operation compared with the talent found in the USA.

 Talented Engineers

Mexico has a diverse pool of talent for the IT sector. Our country has more than 500k IT Professionals and every year that number grows considerably.

 Cultural Affinity

Mexicans are very easy-going PEOPLE and tend to adapt very fast to every environment. This helps them to assimilate TO the TARGET country and business culture rapidly.


We are located strategically in North America, with access, communications, and infrastructure to do business with the whole world.


English is the second language at a professional level in our country. Our engineers speak English in a proficient manner.


Expert Guidance
(The Gurus)

Our team of experts in architecture and new technologies, will act as your advisors and drive the performance of your team.

Strategic Experience

Our Gurus have experience across industries and various roles, they have a wide view of the environment where your product will be deployed.

IT Experience

Experts across the software development process and implementation of IT solutions.
Eager professionals with vast knowledge on DevOps, Architecture, Microservices, Legacy Systems, Testing, and Team Management. 

Let´s keep in touch!

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· MX: Ciudad Universitaria 286, Jardines del Pedregal, Álvaro Obregón, 01900 Ciudad de México, CDMX

· UK: Innovation Centre, Gallows Hill, Warwick,
England, CV34 6UW


Dev Center MX: +52 (55) 5980 2999
UK Office: +44 (0) 1926 217 857

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