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Remote Software Development Teams for your

We are an all in one shop to implement and develop your project with a highly skilled and reliable team that understands how a startup works.

Resource Availability
Optimal Cost
Expert Guidance

Our Technology Stack

Our teams are specialized in widely used technologies, ideal for startups. ranging from the Javascript Stack (React, React Native, Angular, NodeJS), passing through the glorious Java (Spring, Kotlin), all the way through Python.

We make the difference

If you have a strategy and need to start your project or if you are already developing but need an extra hand, we can deliver remote teams (AKA Squads) of highly skilled and motivated developers to get your project on turbo mode

Main Benefits

Startup Readiness

We are experts at working with startups. We understand the rush and the need to have quick results in a sustainable way, in order to secure funding rounds or scale up your project.


We provide constant training to all our staff on the best practices to use while dealing with mission critical systems. We also like to think that all our developers are the ones that will propose the next generation solutions.

Security and Data Privacy

Our facilities are equipped with secure infrastructure and a safe place to work. You set the bar on security and we will comply. We are familiar with GDPR.

Culture & Language

Our staff know how to interact with their counterparts in the UK & the US. We know the singularities in communication and culture, so we have an efficient process along the way.

Where to Start?

In 4 simple steps we will assign your team.


Identify Requirements

Define the skillset and quantity of resources required in order to generate a quote.

What you get: The right sizing of your team.

Shorcut to get an estimated quote right now (Link a herramienta de cotización)



Identify compatible talent and start interviews with your local techleads.

- Interviews
- Tests
- Technical interviews

What you get: The list of compatible candidates ready to take your positions.



Define communication plan so we can guarantee to have full access to your team 

Use our Gurus to speed up the productivity of your team

What you get: Your Ninja team


Get to Work

Assign work to your team, as if they were next to you. We will guarantee a 4 to 6 hour overlap with your local teams.

What you get: The deliverables you need

Our Monthly Plans

You can pay on a monthly basis or choose a 6 or 12 month commitment with a 
3-month trial period (cancel anytime) at a discounted rate.


Monthly Payment

Covers the base price to get your team ready. 

This plan is ideal if you just need an extra hand to avoid any more delays. and can start from 1 month to the duration you need. 

Requires a onetime Setup Fee



5% discount on monthly fees and
Setup Fee.

This service lets you tackle most of the problems that already are urgent and allows you to generate notorious improvements.

Get a free diagnostic on your DevOps and Innovation Needs.


+ Months

15% - 20% discount on all services. 
Setup Fee is free.

This service really takes your IT team to the next level, allowing them to focus on continuous innovation.

Also free anual assessment on your legacy and Digital Transformation needs.

* Special benefits apply depending on the size of the team that you need. Ask for the discounts.

Why work with us?

The base of our operation is in Mexico City, this creates a series of advantages to your operation.

Optimal Cost

Mexico offers a great quality vs cost of operation compared with most European countries.

Talented Engineers

Mexico has a diverse pool of talent for the IT sector. Our country has more than 500k IT Professionals and every year that number grows considerably.

Cultural Affinity

Mexicans are very easy going PEOPLE and tend to adapt very fast to every environment. This helps them to assimilate TO the TARGET country and business culture rapidly.


We are located strategically in North America, with access, communications and infrastructure to do business with the whole world.


English is the second language at a professional level in our country. Our engineers speak English in a proficient manner.

Expert Guidance (The Gurus)

Our team of experts in architecture and new technologies, will act as your advisors and
turbocharge the performance of your team.

Strategic Experience

Our Gurus have experience across industries and various roles, they have a wide view of the environment where your product will be delpoyed. 


IT Experience

Experts across the software development process and implementation of IT solutions.

Eager professionals with vast knowledge on DevOps, Architecture, Microservices, Legacy Systems, Testing and Team Management. 

Are you Ready?

Don't Hesitate to send your requests.


Innovation Centre, Gallows Hill, Warwick, England, CV34 6UW 

Phone: +44 (0) 1926 217  857 
Dev Center:+52 (55) 5980 2999


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Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.